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Eyelet curtains or ring curtains in Qatar are easy to design and fit. Eyelet curtains are the flexible and adaptable type of curtains.
It has the feature to make your night rest easier and undisturbed. It seems like something new, modern, and contemporary.
Eyelet curtains give your room or home a stylish, elegant, and stunning look and provide you more comfort.
Eyelet or ring curtains prevent your room from sunlight and other ultraviolet rays. These curtains also block the unnecessary light and outside view of the room.
They are available in many fabric types and we assure you the best quality fabric used to make them. These types of curtains are designed in many sizes, you can buy them by simply measuring your window frame to get the exact size.
You can enjoy them in a variety of colors and themes, as suitable for your room interior. You can hang it easily by rings. We offer you a wide range of our beautifully designed eyelet curtains

Know the purpose of Eyelet curtains

Curtains were once meant to protect the interiors and conceal their contents from outsiders peering in through the window, but these days they have a whole range of uses thanks to technological advances and new materials. Some people use them for practical purposes, like to separate the bedroom from the rest of the room or create a dressing area within an existing bedroom. Before buying any curtains, consider your needs and whether you have any special requirements. Ask yourself a few questions;

  • Do you want a complete blackout or want the sunshine to fill your place with its brightness?
  • Do you want to add them to create an aesthetic and artistic look or just to hide the windows?
  • Do you need to open the windows quite often? In which direction are your windows located?
  • Do you have pets & kids? & Where do you want to hang them?

Once you have figured out the purpose, you’ll see that the available choices have narrowed down to a great extent. Also, these questions are necessary to ask yourself so that you do not go wrong and get their maximum benefits.

Measurement of windows

The next and important step is to measure your Windows and note that eyelet curtains do not need as much fabric as other types do.


The width of the panel is measured 8 to 10 inches outside the window track which allows the panel to create an illusion of a wide and fully covered window. This gives the window an in-depth look.

Panels should be a minimum of 8 inches outside the window frame, but 10 is preferred to create an illusion that not only are the frames symmetrical and balanced, but also that your windows look wider. It’s also important to make sure you don’t have extra panels beyond these dimensions so as to avoid giving the impression that the frames are “wall-less.”

Measuring the drop

There are many ways to hang your curtains and dependent upon what look you’re going for. Some people prefer to hang their curtain 3-4 inches above the window track while others like to hang theirs 10-12 inches higher and some will choose to hang them straight from the ceiling. When deciding how they want the curtain drape on their windows, people can go for sill length or above or below the window sill. Below the sill length and let it fall three to four inches below the curtain, whereas above the sill should end one to two inches before the window track finishes.

For contemporary interior design make sure your curtains drop a few inches above the ground. To measure this, you can use the tape measure in hand and hold it to the height level at which you want your curtain to fall and then end where you want your panels to stop.

Note down the measurements

Once you have measured the width and the drop note it down and double-check the sizes to make the chances of error unlikely. While noting down, multiply the width by 2 or 3 to get the fabric material for desired fullness.

Special features of eyelet curtains

  • Easily hanged
  • Required fewer materials to make them
  • Affordable and cost-effective for everyone
  • Seems very fashionable and decent
  • Easily washable
  • Reduce dust and noise
  • High-quality fabric
  • Give you more privacy
  • Block more light
  • Reliable and adaptable

Why did you prefer us?

We are committed to serve you the best and high quality materials and fabrics. We offer you the highest quality in our eyelet curtains. You will always find us in front of everything because of our efficiency and reliability. We can assure and provide a guarantee to our clients and make them happy.
We always fulfill your requirements and never disappoint your expectations. Our eyelet ring curtains are the perfect choice if you want a decent and elegant look for your room.

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