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Bedroom Curtains: A Complete Guide

Choosing the right bedroom curtains for a room is similar to choosing the best ingredients for a new recipe. It’s important to get all the details just right so that the result has a good flavor and looks pleasing to the eye! While many different types of curtains can be made with various fabrics, it’s important to think about how they will look, feel and interact with other decor elements in a room.

The right curtains can be really important for a room’s decor. There are different types of curtains, so make sure you know what kind will work best in your home. While they all serve the same basic function and filter light, they do much more. Some kinds of curtains can even help block out unwanted sounds!

Choosing the right curtains for a bedroom is more important than most people realize. Besides considering aspects such as their appearance and level of privacy, I feel it’s also important to consider how insulated a certain curtain is when choosing the right one for you because this can tremendously affect your quality of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from your retina to your hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is part of your brain, known as the ” limbic system,” and plays an important role in your emotions and other facets of human behavior. This portion of your brain functions as an internal clock regulating when you feel energized and sleepy. When it’s stimulated, it releases stimulating hormones like cortisol, which is a hormone that helps us respond to stress while also suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin, which means you won’t be able to fall asleep any time soon!

Bedroom curtains are an absolute necessity. If you seek to give a new outlook to your bedroom or have recently moved in, curtains are the most cost-effective way to uplift the visual.

This is why you should choose your bedroom curtains carefully, knowing they can help you block out lights filtering through your window. Check out this guide on what to look for in the right type of curtains!

The Different Types of Bedroom Curtains Style

Curtains used in bedrooms come in a wide range of styles. What follows is a list of styles suitable for the bedroom and reasons for choosing those styles. Take this information and include ideas on the style that suits your room decor. The best part is you get to play around with a variety of styles!

Pinch Pleats:

This style of pinch pleats is classic. It makes it perfect for a traditional or elegant bedroom. They have evenly spaced pleats with pinched seams at the top and are weighted at the bottom. The pleats are sewn together, and then you add curtain rings or traverse rods which attach to pin hooks at each panel’s top. There are different varieties of pinch pleat curtains, for example, five-finger, four-finger, three-finger, two- and French-pinched pleats!


Elegant yet economical, grommet curtains with metal loops look like a more expensive style of drapery. To install these fancy draperies, the length of your window needs to be even twice the width. Then you need to measure about 21” for each side of the rod pocket at both the top and bottom edges.


It’s a traditional yet informal curtain header style that suits small windows. A standard gather header contains undefined pleats that run along the top panel. There’s a row of pockets at the back side of the panel to hang them with the help of curtain hooks on a rod or tracks.

Choosing the Right Bedroom Curtains Material  

Experts in the window and home design suggest heavy curtains for bedrooms since they provide better light filtering, insulation, and privacy. The most popular curtains for bedrooms that homeowners consider include velvet, silk, and lined fabrics.

Silk Curtains    

Silk is ideal for a luxurious and formal appearance in your bedroom. The heavy fabric provides an incredibly rich texture and adds the appearance of depth to your space. It drapes beautifully to highlight your windows and compliment your furniture, giving your room an elegant appearance.

Make silk curtains with unique antique or contemporary-style hardware that complements the interior design of your home. Silk curtains can be damaged by sunlight. It is important to ensure that your windows in the bedroom aren’t situated in a way that is too bright if you choose to go for curtains made of silk. Another option to prolong silk drapes’ lifespan is combining the curtains with window treatments such as roman blinds or roller blinds.

Velvet Curtains    

Velvet is woven, and the fabric is tufted. Its strong and dense fibers block light better than silk and offer superior insulation against moisture and cold. It also helps keep dust and other pollutants from entering the space and is a safer alternative for those allergic to external elements. Another benefit of curtains made of velvet is their soundproofing capability, creating a peaceful environment in the bedroom.

The main drawback to this type of fabric is that although it prevents microorganisms and dust from entering your home, it is susceptible to this build-up. It needs frequent cleaning due to this.

Lined Curtains    

This curtain can help to limit the intensity of light outside and create an ambiance of dim light. They’re typically regular polyester, cotton linen, linen, or wool curtains lined with acrylic foam or another lining on the reverse side. Lined curtains come in three different versions: blackout, standard and thermal.

The typically lined curtains have a cotton-coated lining that prevents discoloration and sun damage. They block a substantial amount of light from the sun and enhance the drapes.

However, curtains with blackout lines are a great option when your bedroom windows allow in lots of light in the day and the evening. The name implies that the curtains completely block out light. The lining in the fabric is coated with non-toxic chemicals that block the tiny pores in the weave through which light can pass. They also possess limited thermal properties. They can also aid in reducing external noise, which makes them a great option if your bedroom is near a noisy street. Find out more about the benefits of blackout curtains.

The thermal lined curtains have an acrylic or fine layer of aluminum coated on the backside, giving insulation properties to the cloth. It can help regulate the temperature in a room by preventing heat loss in winter and retaining heat in summer.

How to Pick the Right Bedroom Curtains Color and Patterns

Choosing the right colors when it comes to creating a design aesthetic for your bedroom can be difficult because there are so many different ways you can go. When deciding on colors and patterns, ask yourself whether you want the curtains to stand out more or simply just want them to compliment your bedroom decor. If you’re unsure which way best suits your taste, consider colors like black, shades of blue, grey, bright reds, yellow, orange, and green because these colors tend to pop!

On the other hand, if you’re trying to create a softer look, consider keeping things neutral (like white or beige), but make sure you also get fabric that gently diffuses light.

Patterned curtains work well when you don’t have too many patterns on your bedroom walls or accents like framed art, door handles, and upholstery. For instance, searching through a diverse selection of patterns to choose from, ranging from small dots and elegant stripes to checkered geometric patterns or quirky graphic prints while keeping the rest of your space solid and neutral, will bring a variety of options to consider when choosing home decor accessories for your bedroom. However, some colors combined with specific patterns can clash, so ensure all the elements in your room are congruent.

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