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 Buying the right parquet flooring in Qatar


When selecting wood-based flooring, commonly called parquet flooring in Qatar, it is important to consider certain factors. Firstly, you must choose between solid or engineered parquet, then select your preferred finish. Additional tips regarding which room in the home you plan to install the parquet, proper maintenance, and current interior design trends are available.

parquet flooring in Qatar is considered the epitome of high-end flooring due to its noble, warm, and timeless appeal. It continues to be a popular choice in both traditional and modern homes.

What is Parquet Flooring?


We’ll tackle this first question right now. Parquet flooring, or parquetry, comprises wood pieces arranged in a geometric pattern to form a distinctive surface design.

Various options are available to obtain a parquet floor beyond traditional hardwood. In addition, several types of flooring can be used to create parquet patterns. Some options include

  • Various floor tiles are available in the market, ranging from natural stone options such as slate and travertine to more recent innovations like wood-look tiles.
  • Hardwood floor alternatives such as vinyl, bamboo, or hemp flooring.
  • Or even high-tech materials like specialized non-toxic laminate flooring.

Regardless of the material used, the essential aspect of creating a parquet floor is using various pieces arranged in a geometric pattern to achieve a distinctive surface.

What are the types of parquet?


parquet flooring in Qatar can be categorized into two main types: solid and engineered. While solid parquet is a classic and time-honored option, it is also comparatively more expensive than engineered flooring. There are several significant factors to consider when choosing between these two types of parquet flooring.

Solid parquet: 


The flooring boards are crafted from 100% solid wood and are designed to interlock through a grooving and tongue system. These boards can be glued or nailed, with floating not an option. Solid parquet flooring in Qatar comes in a variety of wood types, such as oak, ash, birch, beech, walnut, maple, teak, wenge, and more. The wood thickness can range between 12 to 23 mm. Even though they are generally considered pricier, solid floors can last significantly due to their durability. If needed, it is possible to sand them and apply a new top coat, thus restoring them to their former glory. Some solid floors can last for

Engineered parquet:


Engineered parquet is a premium flooring option consisting of three pre-pressed layers ranging from 10 to 15 mm. The baseboard comprises high-density wood fiber, while the centerboard is typically made from wood fiber or blockboard, providing optimal stability and cost-effectiveness. The most important component is the wear or top layer, or the cladding layer. It is recommended to have a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm made from genuine oak or solid wood, not imitation. The thickness of the cladding layer is directly proportional to the durability of the flooring, as each sanding process removes 1 mm of material.

The appearance of engineered flooring is comparable to that of solid parquet, as both showcase the noble wood top layer. However, while both types of flooring can be renovated, engineered flooring can only be restored once if the wear layer has a thickness of 2.5 mm. The innovation of engineered flooring originated in the 1980s, and it has since enabled the widespread availability of parquet, no longer limited to the affluent. 

It is important to note that engineered parquet should not be mistaken for laminated flooring, which features a top layer coated with varnish or imitation wood.

Which finish to choose for the parquet?



Parquet flooring in Qatar in solid and engineered options are available in various finishes, ranging from traditional to modern varnishes. When it comes to hardwood planks are available in either raw or prefinished forms. Professionals install raw planks, with the finishing applied after the flooring is set. Prefinished planks have already been stained or top-coated, clearly showing the final product. Opting for raw planks relies on the expertise of the flooring contractor, but on-site finishing allows for more customization options, giving greater control over the stain and sheen. The contractor typically sands the unfinished flooring after installation and applies the finish to the planks, resulting in a smoother finish.



The polished finish typically involves a solid parquet surface sanded and waxed to achieve a refined appearance.

Over time, the waxing process lends a beautiful patina to the parquet. It is noteworthy, however, that this type of finish demands frequent maintenance and does not protect against stains or water damage. Despite these limitations, it remains the preferred choice of purists.



The oiled finish is a recommended flooring treatment wherein the floorboards are coated with two or more layers of oil in the factory. This type of finish is particularly suited to high-traffic and damp rooms, ensuring durability and longevity.



The varnished finish involves the application of multiple layers of varnish or glaze, which creates a thin protective film that prevents the penetration of moisture and stains into the flooring. This finish is highly advantageous in terms of maintenance.

Moreover, it can be customized to suit various aesthetic tastes, as it is available in a range of colors and finishes, such as matt, gloss, or satin. The varnished finish is cost-effective and offers exceptional durability, lending the floor a sleek and contemporary look.



Bleached flooring refers to a process wherein the wood undergoes bleaching by the manufacturer, resulting in a lighter color and a white hue. This technique accentuates the veining of the boards, highlighting their unique characteristics. Bleached parquet is particularly suitable for contemporary interior designs, adding a touch of lightness and sophistication to the overall aesthetic.



Applying a tinted finish to Parquet flooring in Qatar can create a unique and distinct shade. This can include a range of options, such as gray or black hues. This technique is often utilized in renovation projects.



This method involves applying paint in the desired pattern onto the floor, which is then sealed with two layers of varnish. The result is a visually appealing finish that accentuates the natural wood grain. This technique is widely recognized for its decorative value.


Chamfered boards: 

Chamfered boards are a prevalent finish for engineered flooring, providing a natural appearance. These boards are skillfully beveled on all sides, with the top side having a distinct oblique angle. This finish is highly sought-after and can only be achieved in a factory setting.


The boat deck looks: 

Finally, one of the most popular finishes for bathrooms and kitchens is a wooden boat deck appearance. This artisan technique involves the application of mastic between the boards, resulting in an authentic and stylish “boat deck” look.


What Are the Most Popular Parquet Flooring Patterns?

Compiling a concise list of Parquet flooring in Qatar patterns that can be accommodated in this space is a challenging task. Below are some of the most frequently chosen options:

  • Herringbone Parquet flooring: The herringbone pattern is created by laying planks in a W-like, perpendicular 90° pattern. This style has been popular for centuries and has historical roots in Roman masonry, where it was referred to as opus spicatum. It remains a classic and widely used pattern in flooring design. Furthermore, the herringbone pattern is a great choice for DIY installation, as it requires less cutting than other patterns.
  • Chevron Parquet flooring: Chevron flooring is a type of flooring that is comparable to herringbone flooring. However, in Chevron flooring, the ends of each plank are cut at a 45° angle, resulting in a more pronounced diagonal effect.
  • Basketweave Parquet flooring: Basketweave flooring is designed to create the optical illusion of woven rattan fibers. This is achieved by integrating square and rectangular planks, giving the impression that the interior planks extend the length of the entire room.
  • Brick Parquet flooring: Basketweave flooring is designed to create the visual effect of woven rattan fibers. The technique involves intermixing square and rectangular planks to create the illusion that the planks run the room’s full length. This flooring can add a unique and elegant touch to any interior space.To add even more flavor to parquet floor designs, some offerings will intermix different wood colors to accentuate a given pattern.

Which parquet for which room of the house?


Wood flooring is an excellent choice for any room in a home or commercial space. However, it is important to consider certain factors when selecting the right type of wood flooring. For example, stronger wood or more frequent maintenance may be necessary for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and kitchens

The kitchen is particularly sensitive to increased foot traffic, the movement of stools, heavy utensils falling, and greasy droppings that require frequent cleaning. While a solid or engineered parquet can be installed in the kitchen, it is important to maintain cleanliness and address any stains immediately to avoid costly repairs or replacement.

The bathroom is a wet room with minimal foot traffic and limited space for storing objects. Therefore, regular maintenance with household cleaning products is essential for maintaining the condition of the bathroom flooring. If you are considering installing wooden flooring in the bathroom, it is advisable to choose exotic species and lay them with glue for better durability.

How to properly care for parquet?


It is important to adhere to a consistent maintenance routine when it comes to maintaining solid or engineered parquet floors. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner or mop initially while ensuring minimal water usage is recommended. This is because water can be detrimental to wood. When using a mop, it is important to ensure that it is not overly saturated with water but rather lightly damp to avoid damaging the floor. Wooden floors can be treated with oil or wax; special soap is required for oiled parquet floors. However, black soap is a suitable option for all types of floors.

What are the decorative trends for parquet?


A renewed appreciation for authenticity characterizes the current trend in flooring design. Singularities like knots and asperities, once considered defects, are now highly desirable. Bleached, gray, and dark wood flooring is fashionable among consumers who gravitate toward large longboards. Oiled flooring is increasingly popular due to its versatility in color options. Patterned flooring continues to be a perennial favorite among consumers, maintaining its popularity.


Parquet Flooring FAQs


At our company, we frequently receive customer inquiries about Parquet flooring in Qatar. We understand how confusing this topic can be and are here to clarify. 

We have compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Parquet flooring in Qatar. This information will help to address any remaining concerns or uncertainties you may have.


Q.1)Is Parquet Flooring Real Wood?

Ans: We frequently receive inquiries regarding the construction of Parquet flooring in Qatar, which we would like to clarify here. First, however, we must admit that the question itself lacks precision. 

As previously explained, authentic hardwood is one of the materials commonly used in crafting Parquet flooring in Qatar. Yet, it can also be composed of various other materials.


Q.2)Parquet vs. Hardwood: Which is Better?

Ans: The question appears to be unclear and requires further clarification. However, comparing laminate and hardwood floors is straightforward as they are two distinct types of flooring. 

However, Parquet flooring in Qatar is often constructed using hardwood material; therefore, it cannot be compared to laminate or hardwood floors. Therefore, understanding the differences between these flooring types is crucial to make an informed decision.


Q.3)Does Parquet Flooring Come in Different Patterns?

Ans: Certainly! Parquet flooring refers to a variety of intricate patterns used in flooring design. More precisely, the term “parquetry” denotes “surfaces adorned with geometric patterns.”


Your Parquet Journey with Blinds and Curtains Qatar

Choosing the right parquet flooring for your space is a significant decision, and at Blinds and Curtains Qatar, we’re here to guide you through every step of this transformative process. Parquet flooring, with its timeless charm and versatility, adds a touch of elegance to any environment, be it a traditional home or a modern office.

Our comprehensive guide has covered everything from understanding the basics of parquetry to deciding between solid and engineered options, selecting the perfect finish, and aligning your choice with the room’s functionality. We’ve also delved into essential maintenance tips to ensure your parquet floors retain their splendor for years.

At Blinds and Curtains Qatar, we value authenticity and craftsmanship, which are increasingly sought after in today’s design trends. We appreciate the unique character of wood, including its knots and imperfections, and we embrace the current fascination with bleached, gray, and dark wood flooring.

Our commitment to offering personalized solutions extends to parquet flooring as well. We understand that every space is unique, and our experts are here to help you select the perfect pattern, finish, and type of parquet that resonates with your vision.

In conclusion, parquet flooring in Qatar isn’t just an option; it’s an expression of your style and taste. Whether you prefer the classic herringbone pattern or a more contemporary design, Blinds and Curtains Qatar is your trusted partner in bringing your parquet dreams to life.

Have more questions about parquet flooring? Check out our FAQs section for detailed answers to common inquiries. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to ensure that your flooring journey with us is a seamless and delightful experience.

Contact Blinds and Curtains Qatar today to embark on your parquet flooring journey. Elevate your spaces, enhance your interiors, and experience parquet’s enduring beauty and warmth. With Blinds and Curtains Qatar, every step you take is a step towards perfection.

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