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Home decoration and treatments play an important role in the mood of patrons. Some decor might be aesthetic; some might be protective. For example, Korean blinds are widely used across Qatar. They lend a hit of culture in your place. Although different from other blinds, they still provide the same functions and privacy. Korean blinds are window coverings that control the amount of sunlight on your premises.

Korean blinds have gained popularity due to their exquisite blend of colors and materials. They are called Combi and Rainbow blinds and are ideal for regulating natural light in a room. These fashionable window covers are crafted from double-layered thick polyester, allowing a gentle stream of light to filter through when installed. 

The manual pulley system enables the smooth operation of the blinds, and customization options are available to cater to individual preferences.

The material used

The living room is an optimal location to install dual-shade Korean blinds. Traditional curtains can be challenging to maintain due to their weighty fabric. However, Korean blinds are crafted from a superior, 100% lightweight polyester material with a moderate thickness that requires less maintenance. 

These blinds have a subtle texture that enhances the visual appeal of any room. Once installed throughout the house, they can elevate the space’s overall aesthetic significantly.

Special features of the material used

The blinds are crafted from durable and resilient polyester material that undergoes a rigorous three-step UV treatment during manufacturing. This process effectively prevents the blinds from warping due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Then, to maintain its luster, wipe it down with a damp cloth.


Our selection of blinds offers a variety of attractive color options in single, double-colored combinations and multi-color patterns that can be customized to meet your specific preferences. Our multi-colored patterns feature a rainbow design that provides a stunning visual effect from outside the window. In addition, we offer a wide range of patterns that can be matched to your existing interior décor.

Operative Mechanism

Like other types of blinds, Korean blinds are equipped with various operational mechanisms that facilitate the opening and closing of the blinds. The manual function allows for twisting the tilt-wand clockwise and anticlockwise to adjust the position of the blinds. Alternatively, the blinds can be operated via a drawstring or motorized mechanism through a remote control. A special roller mechanism is also incorporated to enable easy dual lifting operation of the blinds.


Korean blinds provide a unique opportunity to incorporate a vibrant and diverse range of colors and patterns into your interior decor. With the ability to customize the blinds with 3D designs, multiple combinations, and various styles, Korean blinds offer a level of flexibility unparalleled by other blinds. Additionally, a motorized, remote-controlled version is available for added convenience.

What do we provide?

If you are looking forward to giving your existing decor a new look and feel or want to revamp your space, Korean Blinds Qatar is the best option where you can find the right Korean blinds as per your dreams. Our qualified Korean blinds create a picturesque view of your premises.

We deliver luxurious and luminous Korean blinds that surely grab the clients’ attention with their distinctive features. We take pride in that we are the only premium supplier of Korean blinds in Qatar. We do every work professionally, from beneficial recommendations to installation.

Our team is best equipped with the latest tools and clever techniques to manufacture top-class quality Korean blinds in Qatar at a very competitive price.

Why choose us for Korean Blinds?

Korean blinds Qatar offers a wide variety of Korean that range from rustic to contemporary. Our Korean blinds not only enhance the feel and glimpse of your premises but also impact coziness in your place.

Our elegant and innovative collection of Korean blinds in Qatar are best suitable for your home, offices, buildings, gyms, and restaurants. We can also help you in selecting the right Korean blinds in Qatar for your space.

Korean blinds Qatar strives hard to make clients content with our best quality Korean blinds in Qatar. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients. We provide free installation services at your doorstep without any stress or worry. These are certain reasons why you choose us.




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